The embodiment of Ground Game LA lies within our strength, compassion, and dedication to pursue the hopes and accomplish the goals of the entirety of the LA community.

GGLA Impeachment March Booth.jpg

We intend to foster others to grow as we have grown ourselves. 


We anticipate evolving with flexibility and learning from every new contact we make. We have the courage to acknowledge that we are not the first and will not be the last to believe in the power of connecting neighbors to each other.

Our history has given us the power acknowledge what it is we have to offer and how much we can accomplish. By having a presence in the streets and empowering people in their communities, we can rapidly identify needs as they arise and respond by connecting service-based providers and advocates to the issue.



By giving people the resources and support that they need to build stronger networks, we create a vast support system that confronts the undue pressure put upon our vulnerable.

By promoting civic education and organizing civic engagement, we help people along the same process that has helped and enabled us to have an impact.

Please, reach out to us, learn more, and join our community.