About Us

Ground Game LA is non-profit 501(c)(4) grassroots community organization dedicated to serving the people of Los Angeles. We believe that Angelenos are powerful but historically underserved. Our mission is to resource, support, and build power among the residents of LA. 


Ground Game LA focuses on the needs of residents, facilitates community engagement, and develops leaders and advocates. We believe that with strong communities Los Angeles can become more than the city of potential, and instead, be the place where  people and families genuinely flourish. We know that strong communities need to be equipped with information, a solid social network, and have access to services. For too long we have been cut off from vital information about our rights and the power of organized people. Ground Game LA is the community-driven network where we can reclaim our leadership.


Issues/ current campaigns

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Learn about your local government, where you fit into the puzzle, and how you can get involved.