Community Resources

Ground Game LA is committed to empowering Los Angeles residents by providing the tools and resources needed to understand how local government works, pinpoint pertinent issues, and support those in the community who are facing challenging times.  

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Civics 101- The Basics

Find out which Los Angeles city council district you are in, where to vote, who your current elected officials are, what issues are pertinent in your community, and more! 

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Housing and Homelessness

The housing crisis in Los Angeles has become a state of emergency that is affecting our citizens across all class levels. Ground Game LA is working in partnership with numerous coalition partners overcome these issues with an unparalleled sense of urgency. 

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Immigration Reform 

No more detentions. 
No more deportation. 
No more ICE.

Ending family separations only to imprison legal asylum seekers together is no solution. It does not end the abuse of immigrants in unsafe, unaccountable detention facilities. It does not end the terror of immigrant communities that live in fear of the gestapo-like ICE. It does not reunite the families torn apart every day by deportation.